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Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering

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Course Summery

It is a field of engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Structural engineering theory is based upon physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural performance of different materials and geometries. Structural engineering design utilizes a number of simple structural elements to build complex structural systems. Instrumentation engineering graduates monitor and control machinery. The instruments we have at home or workplaces are all because of these engineers. This stream was branched out of all the other streams in the early 1970s because it was different from the other general streams of electrical and electronic engineering. The instruments that are used in different industries for measurement are made by instrumentation engineering graduates. They take a look into the principle and the operation of these instruments. The instruments made are automatic and used for measurement purposes in fields of design.

Instrumentation engineering degree holders work in industries and improve productivity, reliability, safety, optimization and stability. These industries should have automated processes that help in improving the above qualities. The candidates studying instrumentation engineering learn about adding sensors to the systems which have recorders, transmitters, displays or control systems. They also have to look into the correct calibration of these instruments, if they are working correctly, therefore, testing them and also maintaining these instruments for future use. Blood glucose monitors, aircraft sensors and smoke detectors are some of the instruments made by instrumental engineers. They also develop electrocardiograph monitors and scanners. They may even be considered as an important part of the aeronautical projects. Instrumentation engineering graduates' employment may not only be restricted to engineering firms but also can be a part of the defence contractors, biomedical companies, etc.

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